Video Archive Clip 2004 (Oct) - Yaden, Steven R. - Age 16 - From football practice to chamber orchestra - Following football practice, Steven plays cello in a concert by the TVHS Chamber Orchestra - Bob Kreutz, Orchestra Director - Thompson Valley High School Auditorium - Loveland, CO - Original VHS Series (18 min 51 sec) Note from Dad: I wonder how many fullbacks have this skill set in their repertoire? Julie and I remember this Wednesday night well. Thompson Valley had a big football game coming up on Friday night, and coach kept the players on the practice field late that Wednesday. Steve was released from practice 15 minutes prior to the concert. Of course, all orchestra members were supposed to arrive 30 minutes prior to a concert or you weren't allowed to play. But then football coaches don't seem to have much empathy for the musical types. Luckily, the music director Bob Kreutz was a big football fan. Anyway, Julie hurried Steve's instrument to the practice field and I remember other parents commenting about what a remarkable sight it was to see a football player running across the school parking lot in cleats and pads with a cello tucked under his arm! Steve made it just in time to throw off his uniform back stage, jump into his tux, and step onto the stage. You'll notice he didn't even have time to change his socks or tuck in his shirt! I know the football practice that afternoon was exhausting. How Steve managed to maneuver his fingers and arms that night is beyond me. - DWYadenFamilyArchives | SmugMug